Magnets play a very important role in the renewable energy market. Magnetic materials are different solutions for improving wind energy, tidal energy and wave energy. By using magnets and corresponding solutions, you can reduce or even eliminate gearboxes in wind turbines. The working environment of wind turbines is very harsh and must be able to withstand the tests of heat, cold, wind, humidity and even salt spray.


wind power

The design life of wind turbines is generally two years. At present, the permanent magnet NdFeB is mainly used for small wind turbines and megawatt wind turbines. Therefore, the wind generator magnets are required to have good temperature stability, corrosion resistance and high uniformity reliability.

The recent explosion of the global wind turbine market has forced manufacturers to reduce manufacturing costs, increase efficiency, and create strong design capabilities for continuous service. The use of suitable permanent magnet materials inside the wind turbine generator can improve the power conversion efficiency of wind power generation and power generators. In addition, choosing the right magnetic material and manufacturing it to the proper specifications can ensure that it can resist demagnetization due to high temperatures.


electric car

In electric vehicles, magnets also play a vital role.

As we all know, the magnet is one of the main components of the motor. In order for the motor to work, they need to be composed of coils that can rotate and be surrounded by strong magnets. When a current is induced in the coil, it will generate a magnetic field opposite to the magnetic field emitted by the strong magnet. It also follows the laws of magnet attraction and repulsion. For example, when you put the north and south poles of two different rod magnets together, the invisible force pushes them apart. The same concept also appears in electric motors, but their models use repulsive forces to control energy.

This repulsion causes the coil to rotate or rotate at high speed. At the same time, the coil is connected to the axle, thereby driving the car.

Green energy

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