Flexible Magnets
Model No: Flexible Magnets
Product Origin: China
BrandName: Ningbo Yinzhou East Magnet Co.,Ltd
Payment Terms: Flexible Magnets
Delivery Lead Time: 25-35days
To purchase this Anisotropic Ferrite Multi-pole Ring Magnets or for
Detailed Product Description:
Flexible Magnets is a kind of soft and elastic magnet.It is compound of plastics or rubbers(NBB or CPE) and ferrite powders. It has the easy to design in various shapes such as slicing, drilling and rolling. Easy processing for sizes and shapes.
Electric Motor Strip is mainly applied precise micro-motors for such equipments as  amra,recorder ,VCD , walkman, computer and etc. Flexible Ferrite Magnet used in door-sealing of refrigerator and fountain, magnetic palette, toy, teaching, relay, switch and etc.

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