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  The company founded in 1999 and formerly named Strong Magetics Branch of Ningbo NingLing Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd, main production and management fritted , run such permanent magnetism materials as the ferrite , color cobalt , neodymium nickel cobalt ,etc. concurrently, specializes in manufacturingand processing components of NdFeB magnetic material with AN annual capacity of 360 ton. The company,abiding by the principle of clients uppermost,provides clients with cheap and top-quality NdFeB magnetic material with different specifications covering column,ring,block, lump,tile and fan shapes whose main performances include N27-N45,27H-40H,27SH-38SH,27UH-33UH,capable of surface protection by galvanization,nickel-plating or epoxy method.Relying on unique machinery processing advantages,the company offers clients special products of high precision including fully automatic internal slicing machine with the error tolerance within ±0.01mm and tile-shaped slicing machine whose processing speed is 6 times that of linear cutting and whose error tolerance stays within ±0.02mm
  The products are extensively used in sound system,rare earth premanent magnetic motor, computer,MRI,magnetic force coupling,oilfield wax remover,magnetic floating,magnetic health care,magnetic hoisting,magnetic manufacturer,magnetic sensor,selling well in such countries and regions as USA,Japan,Europe,South Korea,Hong Kong and Taiwan,etc...
  The company,located in Ningbo which borders on the East China Sea in Zhejiang Province,enjoys advantageous location,advanced economy and convenient transportation.Adhering to the principle of sincere cooperation adn mutual benefit and gains,the company welcomes new and old clients for close cooperation so as to make great contributions to the development of NdFeBstrong magnetic industry.